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When it comes to design, you're really in charge of the landscape of how you view your life, and what's going on within it. Yes, it can seem cheesy, cliche, and even downright annoying to hear that again, right? Yep. But, honestly, it's true. When we truly take control of how we are viewing what is happening around us, for us, to us, because of us; we also get to take control of how we respond to it. What does that mean?

Remember the old saying, weathering the storm? Well, that's basically it, through the torrential down pours in life, we have to find the shards of beauty that we find necessary to keep, and move on. While others may seem to be pouring their toxic energy on your peaceful parade, you've got to come to terms with the fact that you may be drawing that toward yourself for some sort of lesson. WHAT?! THE?! FUCK?! right? Yeah, but it's totally,

totally, true. Believe me, I know, I've been there.

SO, what I'm saying is this. What am I saying? oh, yes. How to design a stunning life!

Here are 8 Ways to Stunt on life the Spirituish way.

8 stunning additions

There are handfuls of ways to add some peace, love, and spirituish flair into your life, and these are eight suggestions for you.

Add Yoga into your life

Take five to seven minutes a day, and move your body.

  • Warm up early morning with some Yin Yoga

  • Stretch out after a long day with some Bed time yoga

  • Laugh out some hard news or times with laughter yoga

Customize your yoga practice and style to your needs, but really, it only takes five to seven minutes a day to make an impact.

Meditate (and no I don't mean you have to sit around for an hour)

Meditation can take so many different forms, from sitting in silence meditation, to chanting, walking meditation, dancing around to your favorite songs and dancing it out, cooking, gardening, whatever it may be for you. Introducing a space into your daily life where you can enjoy the motion or lack of motion, of something, clearing the mind, allowing things to just be, resets the body, mind and spirit. If you catch yourself having thoughts, acknowledge them and go back to your breathing, or your movement, etc. Meditation is proven to help people sleep better, smile more, heal faster, and generally be better as people. Give it a try, and really, you only need 2-5 minutes. <---Short guided meditations for you.


It takes so many forms, just pick one and make it a habit.

Go get a massage, or a facial, get to soaking in flowers like the Pinterest photo you keep pinning, take that hike through the woods, try on that new pamper place you've been meaning to. Whatever it may be for you, making space for self care is crucial and beneficial to your overall health.


Self or practitioner

Yes it can be seemingly weird to go to a stranger for them to touch your body, right? NAH! DUDE, it's literally the best thing ever, and you can fall asleep too if you really want. There are many types of massage modality, so you don't even have to take off your clothes and get oiled up if you don't want to. (Thai massage, chair massage, table shiatsu, and so much more!)

Self Massage is always an option! Use your hands, or an array of tools to assist you with it, such as tension balls, massage hooks, and even a plain ol' canned food good for the bottoms of your feet after a long day!


As per Louise Hay, Looking in the mirror and telling yourself, I LOVE YOU. I really do.

Notice the fascinating things about yourself. Tell yourself everything you've desired others to say to you, and watch your life and perception shift tremendously. The Primary purpose behind it is to cultivate self love, self care and be able to emanate that onto others as well. In the end creating a happier life, and a happier YOU. In front of the mirror, there is no hiding, especially not when it's from, yourself. It's weird at first, but gets easier. Try.


It's not really about how, or how well, it's really about just doing it, really.

The Throat Chakra being the communication center of the chakra system and body itself. It governs your ability to understand your needs and desires and being able to communicate them, truthfully, clearly and as a whole. When your throat chakra is out of balance you may experience physical symptoms as well as projecting lies, and tall tales into the world instead of facing your truth, and sharing honesty.

So, Why do we need to sing, yell, shout and get it all out?! This physical method works over coming blockages, and stabilizing chemicals in the brain. Dr. Janov in the 1960's released the theory behind primal therapy, healing past traumas and balancing the chemicals in the brain.


positive ones, at that!

What are they? How do I do them? Well, it's simple, you just say them out loud, until you begin believing them. It's really for you, for whatever you need to work through. If at the current time you're having image issues, "I am beautiful, I am unique"

or just something to work through it, "It's okay to be uncomfortable, I accept myself, as I am."


oooh! pretty!

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy is a therapy in which colors and their frequencies are used to heal physical and emotional problems within the human body. The goal of color therapy is to correct the physiological and psychological imbalances in the human body.

So, try one of these stunning additions on today, see how it fits and if it fits nicely, keep it.

What a worth while add, and it cost you little to nothing other than energetic effort. Trades and barters are always an option out there in the world, put out the right intention and watch it come boomeranging back your way delivering exactly what it is you asked for.

Sending you so much love from here,

Jess Dawl

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