Grow Your Spiritual Community

With Spirituality, it can be intimidating at times, not really knowing what fits best, or if you should even be participating in certain practices. The reality of it is, is there is no one size fits all in the spiritual realm of the world, or in life generally. You and I may differ with all our labels, and titles, but deep down we are all spiritual entities living a human experience, trying to figure it all out. With that said, ask questions, reach out, see what fits and leave aside what doesn't. Life, does not have to be terrible. Even in the worst conditions, we must be in control how we respond to it, and who we respond to it with.

Where can I find like minded people?

Online communities, Public Yoga classes, Group Meditations, Facebook Groups,

Instagram Hashtags, Book Clubs, postings at local health food shops and so many other ways! #spirituish #spiritualcommunity


Get out there and ask questions!

Pick up books, papers, magazines, publications.

Google things.

The world is your oyster so to speak,

and someone out there is bound to be seeking the same style path as you are.


And don't forget that we're all in this thing, together, and apart, learning, unlearning and trying to figure out the answers to life's questions. Take a deep breath, give yourself some credit and the occasional break. Grind culture is for suckers, and the very essence of where we come from is love.

Sending you so much love from here,

Jess Dawl

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