The New Moon & some rituals for manifesting greatness.

Every month the moon sends us an extra burst of energy, with the New moon and the full moon. The new moon is where the sun and the moon align, marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. THIS making it a perfect time for inner reflection and drawing in. The new moon is THE time for drawing things into our lives, manifesting them into existence.

Here are a few simple things you can do to assist this process along.

1. SET AN INTENTION. or intentions even! FOCUS, ensure that you are really very clear about what it is that you want, the less detailed the less likely you'll get exactly what you're looking for.

2. Shine some light on the situation. Have a fire, or light a candle. Bring some extra light, and fire element into the picture. If you cannot have flame, use a flickering led light. It will work in a similar way. Ask when you do so, that the universe shine some light into your life. Out loud, or in your head is just fine, just make the effort to send the message outwardly.

3. Start something new! Begin a new! A project, a hobby, a way of living. There has never been a better time to begin a new, than a new moon. Dig in.

4. First dates are phenomenal on a New Moon. When, speaking on starting something new...the universe is overflowing with extra vibes to offer you, this is the perfect time to ignite the flame of romance. Oooh la la! SO GO FOR IT!

5. List it out. I speak on this often. WRITE IT DOWN. What do you want to DRAW INTO YOUR LIFE?! Write it down. Go over it. Detail it. Skim it again, detail it some more. Once, you know exactly what you want to draw in over the next month. BURN IT. That's right, light it a fire, giving it to the universe to grab a hold of. PLEASE do this in a safe space, container and with fire safety protocols, of course.

6. Create a sacred space. No, this does not have to be some crazy eccentric meditation room or anything, I mean it can be? However, this could be as easy as lighting a candle, burning some rosemary or lavender, or even getting your essential oil diffuser going. Setting the intention of creating a sacred space to manifest in. I use my back porch often. I take a couple of crystals, candles, a smudge stick and my heart full of intention.

7. Meditate! Okay, I know a lot of people have a view on meditation as some sort of guru forward one hour long process. Its not! Just spend time in the breath, for 5-7 minutes, checking in with yourself. Allowing thoughts to come up, and processing them however you see fit. There are guided meditations available on this website, underneath the podcast tab, as well. I too, use guided ones when I can't seem to quiet down my mind.

8. Build an altar! It can be elaborate or just on your picnic table in the backyard as a temporary. It can include photos, crystals, or just be one candle and your burning pot. The world is in your hands.

9. Be gentle with yourself. Know that Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is the rest of your life. manifest consciously. and happy new moon!

Sending you so much love from here,

Happy new moon!



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