The paranormal: types of entities and paranormal activity.

Recently, I've come across the question in the community, how do I deal with ghosts, or paranormal activity in my home? Well, let's begin here, what's actually going on?

What is the paranormal? Paranormal denotes experiences that are outside the normal and beyond scientific explanation or measurement. This could mean to include but are not limited to, ghosts, angels, poltergeist, demons, and the like.

So, let's break down the basics:

Here we go, let's start by talking about types of paranormal entities.

  1. The Interactive Ancestor, or one who has successfully passed on and crossed over but is here for a visit. These entities are usually seen "floating" above the ground, and at a higher perspective above the ground. They have been sited to have an "aura" of white light around them. Typically these are family members or known loved ones who have passed on.

  2. Ectoplasm & Mist: Yes, it does sound like ghostbuster's type of jargon, because it is! You've probably heard paranormal investigators discuss this, it's a presence of energy that kind of swirls away, graveyards, or dark spaces have been known to have hosted them.

  3. Poltergeist: Yes, also like the movie. There's a pattern here, no? These are what we like to call the pesky or noisey ghost. They tend to move things, knock things off of shelves, turn on tvs, close doors and the like. They are manipulating energy around themselves to make themselves known. Most times poltergeist activity is limited and goes away, but can be frightening and alarming to the human in control of it.

  4. Orbs: Like the one's pointed out in photographs. It's a ball of light that seems to just float around. it is believed and said to be the soul of a living being here before that has chosen not to take form. It is also said that it is a spiritual being transporting itself through light.

  5. Funnel Ghosts: Most likely seen in historic places, homes, graveyards, forests, sites, ect. They are bound, and usually come back for what we like to call unfinished business, or they quite frankly haven't left at all. They are roaming endlessly. They can be crossed over, but most times, have an attachment to this earthly plane, still.

  6. Shadow Energy: Usually seen out of the corner of your eye, or near the floor or corners of spaces and rooms, near clutter or wherever energy is stagnant, or able to get this way. Usually seen as a hooded figure, a male seeming figure with a hat, or crawling animal like characteristic near the floor. It's been said to have seen balls of black energy bouncing around from place to place as well.

  7. Portal Haunts: These are popular in films. It can be explained as seeing a mist, or a fog, or an opening to another realm in a mirror or a closet, hallway or other space. It is not limited to one space, or indoor or outdoor, it can shift and change energy. People have been known to get visions or imprints when traveling through these spaces. Such as, old war zones, Native American burial grounds, former hotels, and the like.

  8. Demonic Entities: What are they? They are an extremely low vibrational entity, seeking to attach to fear, fear based energy and anything that they can feed off of. Is there a such thing as possession? Yes, but you have the freewill and have to allow it to happen. Demons won't haunt you like other entities, if possession does occur, its because the human was in alignment with this demon and had a certain sort of agreement.

  9. Animal Entities: Whether they be crossed over pets, or spiritual guides aka spirit animals. These are the spirits of once living animals here on the earthly plane.

Before engaging with any paranormal activity, first it's best to claim your space, second, don't give into fear, they feed off of it, and electricity, and third, figure out what you're dealing with, call a professional, or seek more information on what to do next. I will be posting more information on tips, tricks and traditional ways you can clear your home and keep it safe. Moreover, on how to live happily with spirits that choose to stay in that space, and co-exist.

Sending you boatloads of love from here, remember that you're in control, and that you have the final say.



Your neighborhood white witch

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